2014 World Cup of Booze

Pour even more spirit into your World Cup this year!

32 nations across the planet are currently experiencing unbridled amounts of pride and patriotism, even Germany. Hell, especially Germany.

I was chatting with some people online while watching the Belgium-Algeria match, and we got onto the topic of Trappist monk beer. I proposed a bracket for all the alcohols of each respective country. At first, it was going to be just beer, but a lot of nations don’t really like beer and it’s always fun to see what gets other cultures buzzed. With that in mind, I expanded the bracket to all forms of alcohol.

In my research of each nation’s official or preferred alcohol, I found a nifty list created by the people at FWx/Food and Wine. Read it, it’s descriptive and educational. I used that list and my own research to build the bracket below.

Note: I updated the bracket after Germany won. I’m not¬†clairvoyant.

World Cup of Booze 2014



Download Excel File for Office Pools (compliments of bracketman): 2014 World Cup Excel Worksheet

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